Based on the 2001 Census [1], Havre Boucher has a population of 1,719, a reduction of 5.0% since 1991. The distribution of this population can be seen in Figure 1.

regional demographics 1

Figure 1: Population Distribution in Five-Year Age Groups

The vast majority (91.02%) of those living in Havre Boucher were born in the province of Nova Scotia. Another 7.78% of local residents are from other provinces, while 1.20% of residents have come from abroad. Province-wide comparions to the local numbers are available in Figure 2.

regional demographics 2 regional demographics 3

Figure 2: Provincial and Local Comparions of Resident Origin

Havre Boucher & Area » Income & Employment

The employment rate for Havre Boucher residents aged 25 and over increased by 4.0% to 55.6% between 1991 and 2001 and there were 98 more employed workers. This increase in the employment rate occured while the provincal rate dropped by 1%.

regional demographics 4A major factor in this increase of employment was the decision by Stora Enso Port Hawkesbury Ltd. to construct and operate a second paper machine at their Port Hawkesbury location. At peak construction 2,200 construction workers were onsite.  This project, valued at $750 million CAD, has employed hundreds of people in the Strait area as well as many local residents. (ibid.)


regional demographics 5Many members of the faculty and staff of St. Francis Xavier University, "Canada's Premier Undergraduate Experience" are local residents. This university hosts 3,600 students and focuses on offering comprensive undergraduate programs.






In 2001, the median income for families in Havre Boucher was $47,014. This is slightly higher when compared with the provincial median of $46,523, yet it is lower than the Canadian median of $55,016. In 2001, the median income for individuals in Havre Boucher was $18,081 a year, compared with the provincial median of $19,840, and the Canadian median of $23,267.


Havre Boucher & Area » Households & Family Structures

In Nova Scotia, family structure has shifted from the traditional larger married families to smaller married families and an increase in both common-law and lone-parent families.

In 2001, for Havre Boucher, total census families increased 9.6% to 514. Common law families increased 69.0% and there was no change in married families. Lone-parent families increased 33.9%. Lone female parent families were 10.9% of all families while lone male parents were 3.7% of all families.

The separation and divorce rates in our region are much lower than the national averages as can be seen in Table 1.

Table 1: Comparison of National and Local Marital Status

  Havre Boucher and Area Canada Percent Difference
Single (Never Married) 32.36% 33.52% 3.48%
Married (Not Separated) 55.76% 49.47% 11.28%
Widowed 5.80% 6.35% 8.73%
Divorced 4.33% 7.64% 43.33%
Separated 1.76% 3.02% 41.74%


[1] The figures quoted on this page were collected during the 2001 census. These figures are the collection of data for the area of Havre Boucher as well as Aulds Cove, Cape Jack, East Havre Boucher, Frankville, Linwood, West Havre Boucher, and West Linwood.