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The Nova Scotia Community Technology Site is located at the Havre Boucher Community Centre. Our Community Technology site offers two computers with accessable internet access and access to printing during office hours. We also have a community library that you can borrow, read or donate books.

 Before becoming a Community Technology Site the locations were known as C@P sites. The community of Havre Bocuher has had many different locations of C@P sites before settling at the Community Centre



Previous Locations

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The Havre Boucher C@P site was first formed when the old Havre Boucher Consolidated School was still standing. When the school was abandoned the facilities were moved to LeVangie's store in Frankville.


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  Shortly before the closure of LeVangie's store in Frankville the site moved to the Havre Boucher Medical Centre

 While at the Medical Centre the location received high-speed internet service via satellite. Only to soon be moved to it's current location at the Havre Boucher Community Centre.