On this page you will find pictures of our community, desktop backgrounds, 360° panoramic photographic shots, and more as we add them. Here you can view pictures posted by us and other community members. There are a lot of photos in all seasons. You can even send us your pictures!

The Havre Boucher Wharf & Picnic Area (Panoramic): The recently established picnic area is a great place to spend a summer afternoon. It's located near the Havre Boucher Wharf on the Old Wharf Road. It's a great place to stop and gaze at Cape Breton from the strait on the way.

Desktop Wallpapers: Now you can put Havre Boucher on your desktop we have the following collage of Havre Boucher's church's, a wharf scene, and the Havre Boucher Volunteer Fire Department's trucks.


The Absence of Havre Boucher Consolidated (Panoramic): The Havre Boucher Consolidated School has been torn down. Presently children in the area attend East Antigonish Education Centre in Monastery. Grades primary through six were taught at the school along with additional classes such as preschool.