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Havre Boucher Veterns Association
P.O. Box 14
Havre Boucher, NS
B0H 1P0

To view names on the cenotaph, choose: left stone, the centre stone, or the right stone.

During World War II, almost one million Canadians (that's one in ten) enlisten in the Armed Services. Almost 46,000 Canadians died, and 55,000 Canadians were wounded. Today, there are 554,331 Canadian War Veterans of whom 504,839 are men and 49,492 are woman. In World War I, there were over 75 members of our community were enlisted. Seven were killed in action and three wounded. In World War II, 103 members enlisted to serve of which five were killed. To access the military records of a family member whos served Canada in wartime, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Our Objectives are as Follows

(a) Keep an annual memorial day, to preserve the records and memories of those who have served or are serving in her Majesty ‘s armed forces or cmv auxiliary force and to see that such service shall not be forgotten by the community;
(b) Encourage membership in the association through application;
(c) Raise funds to maintain the cenotaph and the operations of the association;
(d) Encourage further steps in securing membership in a branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.
(e) Acquire by way of grant, gift, purchase, bequest, devise or otherwise, real and personal property and to use and apply such property to the realization of the association;
(f) Buy, own, hold, lease, mortgage, sell and convey such real and personal property as may be necessary or desirable in the carrying out of the objects of the society.


Wartime Stories

1.) Under attack in a wartime convoy (Joseph "X" DeCoste and John E. Melong were on the troop carrier "S.S. Monterey - November 6, 1943.

2.) Wounded soldier puts comrades first ( Sapper Stephen V. Webb, R.C.E.-landed in France on D-Day)

3.) Prayer book saves life (Pte. John E. Melong served with the Cape Breton Highlanders in Italy, Holland, France, Belgium and Germany ).

4.) Fougere Brothers fight in World War II (Sylvester, Seward, Ambrose, Gilbert and Stanley Fougere all brothers from the Havre Boucher area, enlist and fight in the second World War.)

5.) This story is about Ricky Fougeres father story is about Ricky Fougere father, Ambrose Fougere who served in World War II. It's a story that needs to be told about what he and his Brigade went through.  If you are able, go to YouTube and search the following : 1964: Sgt Aubrey Cosens Queens Own Rifles.


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Havre Boucher Veteran's Association History

The Havre Boucher Veterans Association was formed in 1987. The purpose for its formation was twofold. First was to spearhead veterans’ interest in the erection of a cenotaph as a monument to those who served in both World War I and World War II and second, to hold an annual Remembrance Day ceremony in Havre Boucher.
The initial meeting was held with the following executive being elected. Edward Brow, President, Joseph A. LeVangie, Vice President and Ambrose Fougere as Secretary. All members of the newly formed association helped out when needed but a special mention that Edward Brow and Joe LeVangie were the catalyst behind the overall project was recognized by all the Veterans.


Cenotaph Project

Fundraising for the cenotaph became a major goal for the Association. Twenty five veterans of the original members of the Association contributed $25.00 to start the financial drive. Major contributions for this fundraising project included the Havre Boucher and District Kinsmen Club, Volunteer Fire Department, St. Paul’s Parish Council, The Municipality of the County of Antigonish and Branch 59 - Antigonish Royal Canadian Legion. It has been recognized that the Kinsmen Club has made a major contribution in the amount of $5,000.00.

The cost of this project was estimated to be $10,000.00 for the cenotaph only. The base foundation also had to be constructed. As usual in community orientated projects many donations of materials, labour, machinery and cash donations were realized to ensure the successful completion of this project. Other fundraising endeavors included dances and ticket raffles.

After the official opening of the cenotaph, funds for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the cenotaph were running very low. Frank Pelerine a Veteran and member of the Association volunteered his services to go door to door for a collection. Through his efforts over $1,000.00 was raised and those funds have lasted until now. Over the past fourteen years both the Fire Department including, Ladies Auxiliary and the Kinsmen Club have alternated as sponsor for the reception following the annual Remembrance Day Parade.

Since the cenotaph’s inception there have been a large number veterans that have passed away. Each year sees our parade with a decrease in representation. Over the past fourteen years members of this association have been very active in carrying out the annual Remembrance Day Parade and maintaining the Cenotaph. As these members grow old it is imperative that some action is taken to ensure that cenotaph ceremonies will go on in Havre Boucher for many years to come. In order to accomplish this a public plea is being made to all members of the general public and especially family members of the Veterans to join the Havre Boucher Veterans Association to carry on future Remembrance Day Services and to maintain the cenotaph as a monument to those who served in both World War 1 and World War 11 and those who made the Supreme Sacrifice.

In World War 1, there were over 60 members of our community that were enlisted. Seven were killed in action and three wounded. ln World War II, 99 members enlisted to serve of which five were killed.

 140 4064    140 4067


Enlisted Veterans

Feel free to click any of the avalible names to see a picture of some of our veterans.


World War I (July 28th 1914 - November 11th 1918)

World War I (A- F)

Anderson, (Gnr.) Damien
Bennett, (Pte.) Clifford
Bennett, (Pte.) Norman
Bennett (Pte.) Walter
Brean (Pte.) Dan
Brean (Pte.) Peter
Brean (Pte.) Fred
Brow (Pte.) Daniel
Bouchie (Pte.) Aiphonsus
Bouchie Frances
Bouchie (Pte.) Frank
Brow (Pte.) Fred
Casey (Pte.) Eugene
Chisholm (Ensign) Angus V.
Chisholm (Major) Edward
Chisholm (Pte.) Frank
Chisholm (Col.) Hugh A
Chisholm (Lieut.) Raymond
Chisholm (Pte.) Vincent
Chisholm (Pte.) William
Corbett (Pte.) Claude
Corbett (Pte.) Joseph
DeCoste (Pte.) Andrew
DeCoste (Pte.) David
DeCoste (Pte.) Ernest
DeCoste (Pte.) Frank
DeCoste (Pte.) Guss
DeCoste (Pte.) Harry
DeCosle (Pte.) Nicholas
Decoste Raymond
DeCoste (Pte.) Warren J.
DeCoste (Pte.) Walter
DeCoste (Pte.) William B
DeGruchy (Pte.) Fred
Delorey (Pte.) Albert

World War I (F - Z)

Ford (Pte.) David
Fougere (Pte.) Andrew
Fougere Alexander
Fougere (Pte.) Alex
Fougere (Pte.) Freeman
Fougere( Pte Freddie
Fougere (Pte.) Harold
Fougere (Pte.) Peter
Fougere (Pte.) Walter
Fougere (Spr.) William
Frazier (Pte.). Freeman
Keay (Pte.) Joseph
Levangie (Pte.) Ambrose
Levangie (Pte.) Benjamin
Levangie (Pte.) Mark
Levangie (Signaller) Mark G.
Levangie (Pte.) James A.
Levangie (Pte.) Vincent
Levangie (Pte.) William
Levangie (Pte.) Stephen A.
Manelte (Pte.). George
Moms (Pte.) Austin
Macdonald (Pte.) Allan 0.
Macdonald (Pte.) George G.
Macdonald (Pte.) Hugh
Macdonald (Pte.) J.H.
Macdonald (Pte.) Rod J.
MacEachern (Pte.) Colin
MacEachern Pte, Duncan
O’Neil Pte, William
ONeil (Pte.) James
Pelrine (Pte.) Martin
Pelrine (Pte.) Stephen
Pettipas (Pte.) William
Stewart (Pte.) Joseph
Strahan (Pte.) Ernest J.
Webb (Capt.) D.A.
Webb (Pte.) Jos.
Webb (Pte.) Leslie
Webb (Pte.) Peter

 Click our WW1 Veterans Names to learn more about their story


Frankie Bouchie

Alphonsus Decoste

Archibald Decoste

Raymond Decoste

Benjamin Levangie

Angus Macdonald

Rodrick Macdonald

Edward Pettipas


 World War II ( September 1st 1939 - September 2nd 1945)

World War II (A- F)

Anderson, Bernard
Anderson, James
Arsenault, Louis
Bennett, Bernard
Bennett, Edward
Bennett, Jeffery
Bennett, Vincent
Benoit, Frank
Boucher, Bernard
Boucher, Jerome
Breen, Arnold
Breen, Bernard
Breen, Francis
Breen, Howard
Brow, Anthony
Brow, Clifton
Brow, Elmer
Brow, Emmanuel
Brow, Gerald
Brow, Lena
Brow, Leonard
Carpenter, Joseph
Chisholm, Vincent
Connolly, Ronald
Corbett, Carl
Corbett, John B.
Corbett, Ronald
Crispo, Eldred
Crispo, Seward
Currie, Terance
DeCoste, Ambrose B.
DeCoste, Ambrose W.
DeCoste, Anthony
DeCoste, Christopher
DeCoste, Edgar
DeCoste, Eugene
DeCoste, Francis
DeCoste, Henry
DeCoste, Herbert
DeCoste, Joseph X.
DeCoste Leonard
DeCoste, Melvin
DeCoste, Michael
DeCoste, Raymond
DeCoste, Simon
DeCoste. Stephen E.
DeCoste, Victor
DeCoste, Warren
DeCoste, Wilfred
DeCoste, William B.
Doyle, Clare
Doyle, Wilson
Fougere, Ambrose

World War II (F - Z)

Fougere, Clarence D.
Fougere, Damien
Fougere, David
Fougere, Fidel
Fougere, Gilbert
Fougere, Raymond
Fougere, Russell
Fougere, Russell S.
Fougere, Seward
Fougere, Simon
Fougere, Stanley
Fougere, Sylvester
Fougere, Xavier
Frazier, Peter
Jollymore, Melford
Keay, Ferdinand
Landry, Leonard
LeVangie, Aloysius
LeVangie, Clarence
LeVangie, Eugene A.
LeVangie, Eugene E.
LeVangie, George A.
LeVangie, Joseph A.
LeVangie, Raymond
LeVangie, Sanford
LeVangie, Sydney
LeVangie, Timothy
MacAskill, Michael
MacDonald, Clarence
MacEachern, James
MacIntosh, Berkman
McKeough, Bernard
McKeough, Daniel
Melong, John E.
Melong, Wilson
Morris, Charles
Morris, Clarence
Pelrine, Frank
Pelrine, Raymond
Pettipas, Leonard F.
Raymond, George
Sampson, William
Shea, Henry
Stewart, Ambrose
Stewart, Gerard
Stewart, James
Webb, Gerard
Webb, Leslie
Webb, Stephen



Post War


Wayne Anderson


Richard Breen


Adam Burton


Micheal. A Currie


Colton Ledbetter


Jean-Paul Melong


John Pettipas




Our Current Board of Directors

Paul Melong, Secretary

J. Brian Melong, Chairperson

Dennis Degruchy

Tim Hinds, 1st Vice Chairman

Mary Pelrine

Lloyd Melong

Rose M. Bennett

Ludwig Kupzyck, Treasurer

Trevor O'Neil



37093 remembrance poppy1 e1541097915344

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them